Welcome to the San Francisco’s Bay Area Simple Interactive Mixed-Media Group (BASIMMG)

February 4, 2006

BASIMMG is dedicated in creating and networking the local community of the best of the best, Designers, Architects, & Developers to define Simple Interactive Mixed-Media. By pooling are efforts togethere we can go beyond then cutting edge of technology due to limits of what is expected of us at our day jobs.

BASIMMG is looking foward to create Simple Interactive Mixed-Media Applicatoins and Projects to help other non-profits, social issues, as well a redefine online advertsing, marketing, education, entertainment and gaming.

BASIMMG, is based on a principal of OPEN KNOWLEDGE. If you offer knowledge to another member, then that member should be ready to share open knowledge to you.

To be part of BASIMMG, please sign-up here*

*Currently there is no membership fee required.

We are currently looking for Volunteers to offer their assistance at least 3-10 hours a month.
If you can help out us with PHP Newsletter open source software http://tincan.co.uk/phplist
please include a note when you sign up as a member, and any an all assitance will be helpful.